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Looking Beyond


What does looking beyond mean? When I was asked to write a blog post as a thought leader on what looking beyond means to me! I pondered on what to write.

As a multi award winning Fashion and Bridal designer and also the founder of The Luxe Collective I have continuously looked beyond. Looked beyond what was possible, looked beyond what people thought was possible of me and my businesses.

We all have such amazing gifts to give to the world as long as we can see beyond where we are now. About 3 years ago, I was in a place where I thought my life was pretty much over.

I couldn’t see the wood for the trees, I couldn’t crack a smile, and I hid my whole self behind a mask because I had spent so much time focusing on thinking that the way my life was back then was how it was going to be in the future.

From having literally £10 in my bank account for a prolonged period of time, wishing I was someone else, dreaming of living the life I saw others having on Instagram on a daily basis, no money for petrol to get myself into the extortionate studio I had rented some months ago so I could run my business and eating packet noodles (no joke) was how it was.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was winning award year after year for our fashion business, I was “happy on the outside” but not on the inside, I felt like I was sacrificing this dream I had.

Looking beyond what was possible for me during a time that was so crucial to my growth was hard, but I knew I was destined for more. Having these beliefs as not only entrepreneurs but as women too (we all know us women are very hard on ourselves from a society where we are sometimes told that we are not enough as we are, and cannot be who we want to be) was crucial to making the success we all want.

Visionaries are created through self-belief. Looking past what your current circumstances are to the endless possibilities that life and business can offer us. I choose to live a life where I continuously look beyond.

Look at the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Mark Zuckerberg even to the legendary Vivienne Westwood, the epic fashion designer who brought around the punk era through stepping outside of what could be and looking for something more.

As I navigate through being an entrepreneur and what this means to me and the impact we can have on this world with our mantra of: there is always something more, something more we can impact people with, something more to offer the world.

Looking beyond is just the start of something incredible. It’s where dreams, ambitions, and passions hang out. It’s where we design and create something new into the world and shine its light.

It’s limitless possibilities for which we should be so grateful for.

Stop seeing what is right now and start seeing what could be if you just opened your eyes that little bit more and saw life and entrepreneurship for what it truly is…

Change, epic change.

This is our greatest gift in life, to look past at what is and go create what can be. The path will always be there, it’s just how you choose to travel that path and what you choose to see and know that you can create.

Everyday I am excited about what I can create, what I can do. There are no limits to what I can design. I design my life how I want to, badass crazy dreams and goals that I have no idea on this earth how to make happen, but they get me uncomfortable.

Those dreams are what keep me feeling alive everyday. This is just the start. This is where the magic happens for all of us.


About the Author:

Caroline Matthews is a multi award winning fashion designer, whose aim is to help women express themselves freely through her fashion label. She is also a stylist and Brand strategist for female entrepreneurs. The brain child behind The Luxe Collective which is a hub for female entrepreneurs teaching them the power of becoming their brand with authenticity and showing entrepreneurs the power of owning who they are both in business and their life to help them make the impact they desire.






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