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looking beyond.


‘Looking Beyond,’ has a pretty short shelf life, depreciating in its illusive ‘value’ almost immediately. Looking beyond _____? Name it, and we know. Name it, and there is less of it. Less beyond. Less unfamiliar. Concepts become comprehensible. Attainable. Concepts come into now. Capable. The realm of rational and capability expands, again. New mental space to fill. New beyond. Those who grow, cultivate a habit: ‘Looking, be/yond.’ Beyond teachings. Be/yond sight. Beyond stunted understanding. Be/yond (visions/context.) ‘Beyond’ as a place of contextual understanding(./?)


Looking: often defaulted as forward. An exclusive implication(./?) Looking in what direction? Looking beyond (what/where)? Beyond boundaries? Current station? Beyond (projection/past)? Looking beyond (demands/comprehension)? Looking beyond (test/check) point? :: To (look beyond/ take stock). ‘Beyond’ as a point fixed, relative to current station(./?)


Default: what often takes over instead of (intentionally) directional intentionality in which to foray with ravenous curiosity(./??) Comprehension of task and purpose share the (clues/signs) waiting in be/yond: re-gifting us our lessons. Lessons thought completed, offer (unseen/additional) (solution/conclusion:) solutions with dimensional understanding. Comprehension in new context. Revealed. ‘Beyond:’ past the point of current contextual comprehension.


When we invoke ‘looking beyond,’ we may evision standing on the edge of what we know, looking over into the abyss, unafraid of the unknown or; unaffected by the unknown possibility of the unknown. When we ‘look beyond’:

  1. We acknowledge what we do not know, and request encounter.
  2. Experience is bestowed, if the encounter request is honored.*


looking? be(yond)


Beyond: a space we’ve yet to know. A space we’ll yet to know. If ‘looking beyond’ culls our knowledge of what is, and applies it to what we could not possibly know, with confidence; then a gift of looking beyond may be the confidence gained when nerve meets force. Impulse meets plunge. Bridging the abyss. Questions: indicating compulsively expanding capacity. Expansion and acceleration in the (thrill/risk) of asphyxiation. Comprehension responds.* Exhale. Understanding gifted. Inhale. Access granted. Exhale.


Traverse tranquil as state of be, comes exploration. Be: the answer to the search. Be(:) found. Existing as a state. Existence as a state. Being as Seeing. Seeing as Being. Movement as reason, results, key, and student; a high-stakes low-stance dance. Beyond concept of previous existence exists experience in prior context. Yes. Prior context providing endless opposition to (being/beyond.) Prior context exists inasmuch as being: equal parts history and future. The co-complexity of having existed, being, and becoming. Yond.


An impossible destination: yond cannot be arrived to, yond arrives.


looking: be.yond


How to traverse a/yond, lest first coming to be yond? Existing in a searching space of progression: making place for aggressive curiosity. Committed: expending 8 lives if only to find yond in the 9th. To be yond is to wander (a)far. Present state: open to possibility, cultivating comprehension of expanse.


Expansive rampant curiosity permeates all early living forms. Being. Thriving. Yond. Naturally free. ‘Wander yonder. Wither whither.’


To look, be yond. Excavate foundation, wise to the chance of uncertain footing. Solution yielding obstacle-lessons. On the precipice of (context/capacity/understanding,) seeing everything with greatest (possibility/potential/care.) Flying a kite, becomes about more than the kite. Jumping rope: a lesson in laws. Correlation of comprehension recontextualizes. When be yond becomes be all; glimpse becomes possibility. Glimmer becomes plethora.


‘Looking beyond’ does not (require/invite) One’s own participation. To ‘be’ yond is a full, fully (experienced/embodied,) experience. To be(:) far. Be removed, also, be. In. Above. Around. To be yond invites the multiplicity, cum duality, necessary; growth. Rooted, and seeking.


looking, be/yond


Existence in the projection of one’s zealous curiosity; sustainable permission to (ex)act understanding. Permission from the seat of context: permission as the seat in encapsulating context. Yond. Once existing yond, having stood under, standing under; perception of possibility melts into comprehensible concepts. Yond is. A present envelopment of intangible(s.) Encompassed endlessness. Harnessed sensitivity. Raw possibility. Yond as a concept of One’s expanded existence. Constructed agreements rendered non-relative. Far be/comes near. ‘Far’ feared before ‘Are’ is neared.



Simultaneously concentrated and diluted. Hyperextended hypersensitivity. Subtly layered lessons settling upon understanding like rain. Whet. Curiosity in concert with thought, and comprehension a cohort of capacity. Yond: an over (t)here existence.


look(ing): be yond


Be yond: *Encounter requests; honored in understood context. Context; non-relative to current comprehension. (Answers/requests;) nourishment overhanging, visible upon ripening: (Ours/ours.) When looking beyond, without knowing how to be of yond: seeking to find answers is an exhaustive non-terminal cycle: chasing infinity without remembering (y)our inclusivity. Infinity includes. :: Looking? Be yond. Now.



About the Author:


S. L. Feemster is a NYC based initiating creative, with a decade plus performance career in cities including Chicago, DC, and NYC. He is also a seasoned edutainer, having worked creatively with students of all ages. Feemster is most excited by sculpting and performing in the medium of text and words, and continues to explore publishing and collaborative opportunities.


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