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Looking Beyond the Surface Issues

All the problems you think you’re having are surface level issues.

After working closely with women who desire massive shifts in their lives in many different areas, it has become very clear to me that the surface level problem they’re experiencing isn’t actually the problem at all. (They don’t often like hearing this at first, but I’m here to deliver the truth, not candy coat what’s really going on.)

Some of them want a better job. Some of them want to start their own business. Some of them want to cultivate healthy relationships. Some of them want to lose weight or start developing better habits, like going to the gym and eating well.

They tell me, “Tiffani - I want a better job so bad, but - ugh - it’s just going to be so hard. My boss treats me terribly, and it really drains my confidence. I just don’t have enough time to look for another job, and I’d never have enough time or energy to start a business like you. You’re so lucky that you get to work from home and do what you love. I wish I could do that.”

They say, “Tiffani - I want a romantic partner who treats me with respect and loves me for who I am, but there just aren’t any good men left out there! All the guys I attract are such creeps, or they’re boring, or none of my friends like them. Why can’t I seem to find someone who is comfortable being themselves with me? I wish it was easier to meet a guy who will just complete me, you know?”

They say, “Tiffani - I want to lose weight and finally love my body, but it’s just so hard! I can’t seem to make exercising a priority. I just don’t have enough time to make it into the gym or to cook healthy food all the time. And it’s so expensive, too! It feels like I’m never going to get there, so I quit before I even try.”

But what none of them realize at first is that the only thing standing in the way of them doing, having, or being whatever they desire is actually just themselves. It’s a lack of self-love, at its core.

“Look beyond the surface issue here,” I ask them. “It’s not about where you are now, what resources you think are currently at your disposal, or what disadvantages you think you’re at right now. These are just details. Do you really want to do/have/be this thing you’ve been dreaming about? Aren’t you worth it? Why are you settling?”

I love that last part. The realization dawns on them, and it’s all over their faces. They know they’ve been selling themselves short and making excuses and settling for less - and it all comes down to the fact that they don’t think they’re worthy enough of going after what they really want.

This seems to be more common with women, but I truly believe the message applies to anyone because self-sabotage knows no gender.

There are always a million reasons why you can’t do something. You’ve got to look beyond those reasons and decide instead that the only reason that really matters is that you’re worth the effort to go after what you really want in life.

Life is short. Don’t spend it wishing and hoping for something better. Go out and create it.

About the Author:

Tiffani Purdy is an Intuitive Life Coach for women with moxie, using astrology & Human Design charts as the cornerstone of her approach. It is her personal mission to liberate all women from their mental shackles and show them that they’re the creators of their own reality. She is also the host of the Not a Regular Empath Podcast, which reaches and empowers highly sensitive women around the world.

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